Blockchain Asset Injection
"The miracle is this: The more we share the more we have." β€” Leonard Nimoy
Digital gaming is an immense industry and there is a high demand for blockchain integration, especially during this innovative period in technology and potential for metaverse mass adoption.
Our concept solution, using the $MANY governing token, will allow for injection of blockchain assets (both currency and NFT) into compatible games. We will first build this technology to be able to achieve this feature in the official Community Minecraft Server before building out a full Developer SDK. The Developer SDK will allow game developers to easily build new blockchain compatible games that allow users to inject their assets for use within the gaming ecosystem. Play-To-Earn games can be more immersive and meaningful to the consumer when there is a potential to use assets and currency they already own. Currency and NFT utility expansions within the gaming industry will open up endless possibilities for players and game developers alike.
Once beta testing is completed, we intend to invest significant efforts into partnerships with various game developers to expand the list of compatible games. There will exist an opportunity for game developers to allow assets from their games to be extracted and owned by the player. The player can then "equip" those assets to other compatible games, or use the NFT trading post to showcase, sell, or trade that asset.
The trading post avatars mentioned in NFT Trading Post will be among the very first NFTs to achieve interoperability between games.
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