NFT Trading Post
"There are a lot of designers who think they understand technology and a lot of technology guys who think they understand design. But to put them together and make it robust and repeatable for the mass market? It's an art." - Tony Fadell
This is more than an "NFT marketplace". It is an NFT Trading Post connecting the many worlds. A user will connect their wallet to the trading post and gain access to their trading post account. Each trading post account will have their very own avatar, fully customizable using internal and external NFT assets, to truly represent the users they belong to. These avatars will, themselves, be NFTs with the ability to inject into games and other platforms for further utilization. Initially catering to NFTs in the BSC network, capabilities will be expanded to serve multiple blockchain networks. Research and development is underway to cross-chain interoperability of NFTs for utilizations on various platforms and games across multiple chains.
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