Entering the $MANY Worlds
In a war of giants, there need not be a single victor. All can stand victorious; those who broker the peace will revel in glory.
It is the age of blockchain innovation and all the giants in the crypto space are competing for mass adoption. Many blockchain giants are likely to survive the test of time. Each giant is, in essence, its own self-contained separate world. There will be a need to bring these worlds together, to create bridges allowing for the exchange of resources and ideas.
An international collection of experts have come together to provide solutions to this problem, and to build these bridges. This project, aptly titled the MANY WORLDS TOKEN ($MANY), is the team's entry into these many solutions.
Designed to be a membership token, $MANY is the token upon which the team's future developments will be powered.
Throughout this journey, holders will be incentivized to hold $MANY in their portfolios via rewards mechanisms and immersive gaming and entertainment applications. While rewards tokens are not a novel concept in the blockchain space, traditional rewards tokens are fundamentally flawed in terms of scalability and are destined to fail. The $MANY protocol resolves these scalability issues via innovations in tokenomics and smart contract structure.
The vision $MANY is to create an ecosystem that, rather than compete with the many chains and platforms, leverages them to enhance the consumer experience. $MANY strives to connect these various systems to one another and offer blockchain asset interoperability.
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