Token Leveling System
The rate at which a holders rewards are calculated is dependent on the amount of tokens held in their wallet. The innovative $MANY smart contract is able to determine the age of each individual token within a wallet. This is used to identify the token's level and calculate the rate of reward for that token. It is possible that an individual may hold tokens of varying levels. Because the token aging system is able to identify the age and reward level on an individual token basis, it is able to accurately calculate and distribute rewards for tokens of varying levels within the same wallet without issue.
The age of a token resets to zero if that token is sold or transferred out of a wallet. That token will then restart the aging process upon entering a new wallet.
The smart contract's ability to track token age, along with the leveling system, creates the potential to have one $MANY token which has a different intrinsic value to the owner than another $MANY token. The idea that two tokens from the same smart contract may differ in value is a novel accomplishment never before seen in the blockchain space. The possible utility cases for this capability are endless, and rewards systems are just scratching the surface.

Though $MANY tokens have limitless level-up potential, only the first three level result in tax rate increases. These taxes are baked into the contract and no further changes up to Level 3 can or will be implemented. Features unlocked, and their associated rewards, at level 4 and beyond will be funded, created, and distributed via methods external to the smart contract tokenomics. This is one way in which the rest of the ecosystem will integrate with the $MANY token. The next set of features will revolve around the NFT Trading Post in a very unique way.
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