Our values go beyond the scope of a Whitepaper but these are our core values that we promise to uphold for all project adopters.

The team believes in a commitment for open source accounting and the highest level of transparency with adopters as well as the general community of other stakeholders. Open source accounting enables expenses to be accessible by the public to enhance accountability for the expenditure of taxed funds. Beyond the accounting there will be complete honesty and communication from the Dev team. In this rapidly evolving space it is all but a guarantee that we will encounter many problems that we do not immediately have the solutions to. We will never act as this is not the case and instead of receiving a fake answer for fake community confidence, you will receive a true and resounding "We don't know...yet".

While the team believes fully in ethical and transparent practices, we understand that project adopters require more than just a verbal commitment. All members of the development team undergo a KYC (know-your-customer) process to ensure that the community has a route to hold team members accountable. Furthermore, the CEO and the COO of the project are publicly doxxed.

The crypto and blockchain space is ripe with volatility and uncertainty. The development team is committed to the long term growth and development of this project. Many Worlds, and its ecosystems, will continue to grow and foster success; it is not just a crypto company but a software development and tech firm.

While the word community is not a "value" in and of itself, the value of a community cannot go unmentioned. A good community is the foundation of any project in any space and they are too often ignored out of a false sense of elitism that runs rampant in the crypto and startup space. You can have faith that the Dev team will always act in the best interest of the project which directly translates to acting in the best interest of the community. Beyond just acting on the best interest of the community is that we are here to listen. Not only through voting mechanism, but through AMA's and direct lines of communication with the Dev team, we will review all suggestions and implement what is good for the project at that time.
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